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A distributed sharing platform for all your stuff at home! Like the mycelium network of a fungi, this network of sharing with others should spread through the forest of the society.

You have a hammer or a drill you do not always need - share it!

You have a car or a camper van you do not drive all the time - share it!

About Us

Currently this is a one man project. And there is not much to see and evaluate at this point. But I hope that this will change soon as I'm currently developing the application.

Basic Concepts


The concept was designed with security first in mind, meaning that the protection of data is most important. If a vulnerability was found an advisory will be published on GitHub in the specific repository.


All setups of this application are forming a network if whished by the owners. In this way your data stays with you and you can share it with others as well.


You don't like my frontend design? No problem, just write another one or use one someone else wrote. The same for features you don't need. The design will focus on interchangeability between the components.


A small instances of the application should be able to run on a RaspberryPi to allow easy self hosting in the home network.


The interface is designed to guide the user through the application and all setup configurations.


Be part of the solution and reduce your carbon footprint by sharing things with others.

How can you help?

You are a Developer, a Creative Mind or just and interested person?

Take a look at the repositories and if there are questions or simply create an issue GitHub.

You want to setup this yourself? But you aren't a technical person?

Don't worry, if you are minimal or no technical background, we will help you to setup the system when it is ready. At the moment I'm developing everything that is need, and this might take some more time. I will update this site and make an announcement on Twitter.

Project Timline

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